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How much does the service cost?

Nothing. is free for all users. There will be additional services that are chargeable in the future.

How does the service work?

Once you have registered your company on our platform, you can immediately offer your products and services to customers around the world. You can also make searches for products and services.

When was

Our platform is online since the fall of 2015. Gradually, we will continue to develop and tune the service to your needs.

New contacts and customers from around the world

Your products, services and searches are displayed automatically in multiple languages ​​and achieve for you through a matched to engine logic new customers around the world.

Special Focus

Although we appeal to people all over the world, we are also priorities. One of these priorities is currently in Latin America. For this reason our service is accessible both under and

What products can I offer?

All possible legal, political and ethical correct products and services! Just a few examples: wood, scrap, property, fuel, food, art, programming services and much more ...

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